Review Of the X Factor Tour in Cardiff

Obsessed fans of the X Factor, the type who cancelled all Saturday night social plans to stay in and watch the show, were rewarded this week when the top eight finalists performed three live shows at Cardiff’s International Arena.

The evening, which was hosted by the former husband of Jade Goody, Jeff Brazier, got off to a sizzling start when runner-up boyband JLS performed Michael Jackson’s hit number The Way you Make me Feel. This performance had young girls and even a few older ones screaming their heads off for the sexy quartet.

As if it was not good enough already, Signature, who were runners-up in Britain’s Got Talent, another show which earned Simon Cowell millions of pounds, made a surprise guest appearance on stage with the boys. It made for an electric atmosphere and if the saying is true that things can only get better, those in the arena were in for a top night.

But sadly, next up was Daniel Evans, the guy who got the sympathy vote in the live shows but everyone knew he was bland and uncharismatic. He had not improved and his lack of aura and presence on stage made for a cringe-worthy performance when the screaming which was there for JLS turned to an awkward silence.

But when female vocalist Laura White, who was controversially voted out of the competition early on, took to the stage, it was business as usual as her take on Alicia Key’s Fallin’ was nothing short of outstanding. She was followed by Rachel Hylton who kept the energy up with up-tempo numbers and by Ruth Lorenzo who arguably had the best performance of the night with her version of Prince’s Purple Rain.

Diana Vickers, the quirky teenager from Blackburn, was next up and she made uite the entrance by appearing on stage on a pink bed before belting out Blondie’s Call me. It is a testament to her performance that she made the song seemed relevant to today and considering she was constantly berated by Louis Walsh for not being able to dance, she was brave enough to try a few dance moves which she definitely pulled off.

The second half kicked off with teenage heart throb Eoghan Quigg. Little girls would have loved him but his weak vocals were highlighted considering he followed four of the strongest vocalists in the competition. His performances were full of fun though and there was a sweet moment when Diana joined him on stage for a touching duet, which sparked rumours once again there was more to their relationship than frienship.

Not surprising, the star of the show was the person millions of people voted as their winner in the live finals, Alexandra Burke. She oozed confidence and she never sang a note off key which considering two of her numbers were up-tempo, is quite an achievement. She definitely possesses star quality and when she was on stage you couldn’t keep your eyes off her and her vocals bring shivers to the spine. She is destined to be a worldwide star and deserved the screams and applause which the audience gave her.

The show ended with all the finalists on stage to perform their charity hit Hero which topped off an absolutely fantastic evening.


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